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Distance to HG Naturklinik Michelrieth: 40 km


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The much acclaimed staircase with its self-supporting vault contains a fresco depicting the four continents painted by Venetian artist Tiepolo in 1752 and 1753. Measuring 18 by 30 meters in total, it is one of the biggest single-piece frescos ever painted. More than 40 rooms in the castle can be visited, offering a wealth of furniture, tapestries, paintings and other masterworks of the 18th century.


Schloss- und Garten- verwaltung Würzburg
Residenzplatz 2
97070 Würzburg
Tel. +49 931 35517-0

Opening hours

Apr. - Oct.: 9am-6pm
Nov. - Mar.: 10am-4.30pm
Open daily

The Hofgarten of the Residence Palace

The Hofgarten of the Residence Palace was designed to include the massive Baroque-era ramparts which mark the area’s eastern border to this day.

In the late 18th century, court gardener Johann Prokop Mayer (1735-1804) was commissioned with designing the garden. Mayer skilfully divided the grounds with their difficult layout into autonomous symmetrical parts. Fully in tune with rococo taste, he furnished the garden spaces with a wealth of trimmed fruit trees, tub plants, flower beds, shrubs, trellis structures and pergolas.


Opening hours

Daily from 7am until sundown (8pm at the latest)

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