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Distance to HG Naturklinik Michelrieth: 11 km

Wertheim castle

Wertheim castle© fotonolei /
Wertheim castle, former residence of the Counts of Wertheim, is situated high above the Old Town. It is the ruin of one of the oldest, major stone castles in southern Germany.

From here, you have a wonderful view of the city. During the summer, events are staged in the castle moat.


Pointed Tower

The Pointed Tower was built around 1200 as a watch and lookout tower. It marks one of the edges of the city’s fortification with its 18 towers and gates.
The original entrance is 10 meters above the ground and was only accessible by ladder. From inside, you have a wonderful view of the Old Town.


Fishermen’s houses on the river bank

Strolling along Neugasse and Rechte Tauberstrasse with the Old Town wall will bring you to the Tauber bridge which offers a picturesque view of the fishermen’s houses on the river bank.


Blue House

Blue House© Freia Willems-Theisen /
In Rathausgasse, you can see a half-timbered house dating back to 1593 where the timber parts are painted “smalt blue”. The Blue House is the only half-timbered house known to date which features this kind of paint. Smalt is a mixture of finely crushed glass with cobalt blue, the sintering of cobalt and alumina powders, made into an emulsion with oil, for example, to produce this unique glass containing paint.


Glass Museum Wertheim

Initiated by glass physicist and entrepreneur Dr. Hans Löber (1900-1978), the Glass Museum Wertheim was founded in 1976 and has its roots in the local laboratory glass industry. The collection comprises Egyptian luxury glass, Islamic glass, mediaeval potash glass primarily from the Spessart region, Venetian glass, cut, etched and overlaid glass from the Baroque, Art Deco and Biedermeier periods, glass for daily use and industrial glass from the 19th to 21st centuries with a focus on Wertheim laboratory glass as well as contemporary, international studio and lamp glass art.
The entrance hall of the “Großes Haus” with a museum shop and a museum glass blowing workshop is dedicated to glass production. Here, a glass blower demonstrates daily how to handle hot glass and invites visitors to blow their own glass balls.


Glasmuseum Wertheim
Mühlenstraße 24
97877 Wertheim

Opening hours

Tues - Thurs: 10am-5pm
Fri - Sun: 1pm-6am
Holidays: 1pm-6pm

Schlösschen im Hofgarten

Since early April, the Schlösschen im Hofgarten has been open to the public as a museum. Bordering on an English landscape garden, the Rococo building dating back to 1777 served as a summer residence to the Wertheim counts.

In 1997, the city of Wertheim and several citizens joined forces to save the decayed cultural monument. Shining in new splendor, the little castle now houses a museum. Restoration of the park is also underway.


Schlösschen im Hofgarten
Würzburger Str. 30
97877 Wertheim
Tel. +49 9342 301511

Opening hours

Nov - Mar.:
Tues - Sat: 1pm-5pm
Sun, holidays: 12am-6pm
May - Nov.:
Tues - Sat: 2pm-5pm
Sun, holidays: 12am-6pm

Boat trips on the Main

Trips to Miltenberg every Thursday from May through October. The boat leaves at 9.30am.
Dates for round-trips on request.



Reederei Henneberger
63897 Miltenberg
Tel. +49 9371 3330

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