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Naturpark Spessart

Mespelbrunn castle

Schloss Mespelbrunn© Manfred /
Mespelbrunn Castle is located in a small, hidden valley between Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. Because of its concealment, the Mepelbrunn Castle survived all the wars and remains unscathed in its original form.

The castle is open to visitors from March through November.


Schloss Mespelbrunn
63875 Mespelbrunn
Tel. +49 6092 269
Fax +49 6092 995979

Opening hours

Daily from March
Mon - Sun: 9am-5pm


Henneburg© Michael Baudy /
Towering high above Stadtprozelten, the Henneburg was built by the noble family of Schenk von Clingenburg with the original name “Burg Prozelten”. Its oldest parts, the big keep and the eastern great hall, date back to the 12th century. The castle was presumably destroyed in 1688 by the French during the Palatine war of succession. In the 19th century King Ludwig I. of Bavaria took protective measures so that the castle is relatively well preserved today. The Henneburg counts among the most beautiful castle ruins in Germany.

Enjoy the wide view of the Main Valley and don’t forget to explore the subterranean pathway.


Opening hours

Free access at all times



© Joujou /
Numerous hiking tours offer you a wealth of possibilities for experiencing the Spessart’s nature and culture.


Trail maps and bicycles are available from the HG Naturklinik Michelrieth

Tel. +49 9394 801-0


Clingenburger Festival

Since 1994, the impressive Clingenburg has been the venue for the Clingenburger Festival –
a fixture on the Lower Franconian cultural calendar.


Information and tickets

Clingenburg Festspiele e.V.
Hauptstraße 26 a
63911 Klingenberg a. Main
Tel. +49 9372 3040

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